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Cacao & Me

Let's uncover my chocolate story!



Meet happy chocolatier M~ Melinda.

Chocolate is like a passionate dance partner, it will insist to lead, and the entire time you are working with it, chocolate will do what it wants.

It all starts with understanding that chocolate makes the rules and the rules are unchangeable.

It starts with understanding what it is and what it is not...

I've always had a passion for health and good-tasting food. I always loved chocolate.  

But needless to say, I didn't always approach food in a healthy, balanced way.

My hearty appetite for salty snacks, especially for sweet treats, began to get the best of me. 
Due to some health issues, back in 2015, I found myself at a crossroads; I ended up in a place where I knew I needed to make crucial decisions and changes to my physical, spiritual and emotional life. It was a wake-up call for me; right there in that mess, my journey to a deliciously organic life started.

Hello, Healthy Eating!

Everybody loves chocolate, right? Just about everybody has a chocolate story.
Ever since I was a little girl, I've always been fascinated by chocolate. But we all know that store-bought chocolates are filled with preservatives, fillers, and refined sugar. I wanted a good, healthy, and organic chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth. Organic but few ingredients in it, no artificial sweeteners, and no refined sugar, no fillers. Quality, purity, and - of course - flavor were a must. I also wanted to bring some European greatness into it.
So I started thinking about making my own. My love for chocolate turned into my passion.
There is no secret that chocolate makes us feel so good and happy; it is a heavenly indulgence.
Once I found the ingredients I liked, and I was pleased with, the time came to master the chocolatier's mysteries, as I started to create my hand-made chocolates for myself and later for my loved ones and friends.
After months of experimenting in the kitchen, I finally made a chocolate that my body and taste buds would accept, which tasted amazing. Through learning and mistakes, I've learned to master my recipes with flavors that did not just taste good but also made me feel good, healthy, and happy. 
With the help, love, encouragement, and taste buds of my loved ones, family, and friends, The Blue Kiss chocolates were born. 
I get a kick out of seeing the smile on people's faces when they tell me how much they enjoy the great taste they are experiencing created by a few pure, natural, and organic ingredients.

My promise is to never compromise.... I eat and enjoy what I make too!

Enjoy the chocolate journey with me!


"There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” 

- Linda Grayson -

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